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  • updated 07/19/2023

    Where to celebrate Fiesta Patrias in NYC?

    Our beloved fiesta patriota is fast approaching and I compiled a list with different events happening around nuestro Dia de independencia. So Peruanos, pick your preferred way to commemorate el [...]

  • updated 03/19/2021

    Elecciones General del Perú 2021: ¿Cómo los Peruanos residentes de Nueva York pueden votar?

    Conversamos con la Cónsul General del Perú en Nueva York, Marita Landaveri, sobre lo que los Peruanos residentes de Nueva York requieren saber acerca del proceso de votación de las [...]

  • updated 10/01/2020

    Visit the Highest Observatory in the Western Hemisphere

    Located in the Hudson Yards, The Edge is NYC's public balcony, as described on its website. This brand new tourism attraction was set to open in March, but Covid-19 happened [...]

  • An NYC island worth visiting

    In my continuous desire to explore what NYC has to offer, this past weekend I ventured offshore and visited an island located 8 minutes away by ferry from Manhattan. Governors [...]

  • updated 08/12/2020

    An outdoor dining gem by the river

    Yesterday, after picking Tiki up from the vet, my husband and I decided to look for an outdoor place where we could grab a bite, enjoy a drink and have [...]

  • updated 07/25/2020

    Where to get Peruvian from during Covid era… and for Fiestas Patrias?

    The restaurant industry has been terribly impacted during the pandemic. At first, only deliveries were allowed and many restaurateurs struggled to maintain their places open. As numbers started to decrease, [...]

  • updated 07/23/2019

    Where to celebrate FiestasPatrias in NYC?

    Feeling homesick during these Fiestas Patrias and in need of going somewhere Peruvian to celebrate our 198th independence? Look no further! I have compiled a list of things taking place this [...]

  • updated 02/04/2019

    Pisco Sour Week in NYC!

    That time of the year has arrived, where everyone who loves Pisco Sours rejoice. If you don't know what Pisco Sour is, you are missing out! Pisco Sour is Peru's [...]


    Holidays are upon us (literally), today many of us celebrate Noche Buena (Christmas Eve), and tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays, Christmas. We are only one week away for [...]

  • updated 01/31/2018

    Join the PISCO SOUR Festivities in NYC!

    Pisco Sour Day happens every first Saturday of February and this year it lands on February 3rd. But what’s best than PISCO SOUR DAY? PISCO SOUR HAPPY HOUR WEEK obviously! [...]

  • ‘Tis the season: Christmas Spectacular at Radio City

    Continuing my posts about the many things there's to do in New York City during the Holidays season here’s another suggestion of where you must go. Christmas Spectacular is an [...]

  • ‘Tis the season!

    New York during the holidays is not just a New York, it becomes a beautiful decorated city, where you can actually feel the holidays in the air and in every [...]

  • updated 08/21/2017

    A guide to where to watch the Solar Eclipse in NYC

    The week could not be over without me sharing a brand new post on here. For that reason I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list [...]

  • updated 10/10/2023


    That time of the year, that all us foodies love, has come again and this time for almost a month. RESTAURANT WEEK'S SUMMER EDITION kicked off on July 24th and [...]

  • updated 08/07/2017


    If you did not know this past Saturday was the beginning of SUMMER STREETS IN NYC, an annual celebration of our NYC streets, and a reminder to us New Yorkers [...]

  • updated 05/27/2016

    #Outdoor Fun at #DumboBoulders

    The weather is finally BEAUTIFUL in NYC and that calls for outdoor fun activities. I have never rock climb before but I thought why not try it out. The guys [...]

  • 2016 #BryantPark #Summer Film Festival line up 

    Tomorrow will be the lunchtime kickoff party of this summer's HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival. From 12:30 to 2:00pm there will be free popcorn, fun activities and a performance [...]

  • #Free movies in #NYC parks

    Who does not love free movies? I love to watch movies but what best than watching movies outdoors. Weather is getting nicer each day and as summer approaches multiple NYC [...]

  • updated 08/06/2015

    #NYCRestaurantWeek is back until August 14th!

    Hello eveyone I just want to give you headsup that our beloved Restaurant Week, or I should say WEEKS, is currently happening in multiple restaurants accross the city. What I'm [...]

  • updated 07/27/2015

    Where to celebrate #FiestasPatrias in #NYC?

    All Peruvians around the world are celebrating this 28th and 29th of July our beloved country's independence. Those who are far away from the homeland probably will celebrate the most, [...]

  • updated 06/17/2015

    5 things to do this week in #NYC

    Hi friends, I have been away for a couple of months due to personal issues but I'm back and I'm so excited to be back because summer is here and [...]

  • updated 02/12/2015

    Join the #PiscoSour celebration

    The Trade Comission of Peru in New York has created another great initiative, the Pisco Sour Happy Hour Week in New York. As you may or not know, this past [...]

  • updated 12/08/2014

    PeruPicante Restaurant Week starts today!

    Starting today until December 19th, you will be able to taste three course prix-fixe menus based on Peruvian cuisine's most important ingredient: aji amarillo, a.k.a yellow pepper. Eight restaurants across [...]

  • updated 10/22/2014

    NYC Foodies Alert!

    It's been way too long since my last post, but you my friends know that I work in the tourism industry and I travel a lot. I just came back [...]

  • updated 08/13/2014

    Ceviche at the beach

    How good does this sound: fresh Peruvian ceviche at the beach? For us Peruvians is a very common thing,  every summer weekend we will drive south and enjoy a beach [...]

  • updated 08/01/2014

    Kick off of CevicheSummer @NYC

    To continue Peruvian "Fiestas Patrias" festivities, yesterday the Trade Commission of Peru in New York unveiled its latest initiative: a campaign to promote the consumption of Peruvian ceviche in New [...]

  • updated 02/10/2014

    NYC Restaurant Week is here!

    It´s that time of the year that we, foodies, love, Restaurant Week! You get to eat 3 course meals at $$$ restaurants for $25 and $38, lunch and dinner respectively. [...]

  • updated 02/02/2014

    SuperBowl XLVIII fever in NYC!

    One of the most unprecedented sports events is taking place today at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, where the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will be competing against each other [...]

  • updated 02/01/2014

    Celebrate PiscoSour day in NYC!

    Today us Peruvians celebrate Pisco Sour day and in commemoration of our flagship cocktail 8 restaurants in NYC have partnered up to host Pisco Sour Day for a whole week. [...]

  • Dinner at Rolf’s

    Christmas spirit is in full effect in New York and what's best than enjoying it with wonderful friends! My girls and I went for our Christmas dinner to the popular [...]

  • updated 12/06/2013

    Pisco Party in NYC

    You guys know how much I love Pisco! My relationship with the Peruvian flagship spirit started not too long ago, it was exactly when I moved from Peru, definitely very [...]

  • updated 12/04/2013

    It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas in NYC

    My mom was here for a month (hence the absence) and I'm happy to say we spent a lot of quality time together. We went to London for work but [...]

  • updated 10/18/2013

    Happening this weekend: NY Grub Street Food Festival

    Wondering what to do this weekend? Well, if you love food, you can put aside all the pumpkin picking plans and Halloween festivities and head to the New York Grub [...]

  • updated 09/17/2013

    Be part of 2013’s San Gennaro Feast!

    The Annual San Gennaro Feast marks the end of the summer and the beginning of my favorite season, fall. This popular feast takes place in Little Italy (Lower Manhattan) for [...]

  • Perfect place for candy lovers

    My boyfriend has been talking about Dylan's Candy Bar for so long and how we should include this place in one of our weekend plans. So last weekend, we did. He [...]

  • updated 08/23/2013

    From food truck to a corner cafe!

    I've never eaten a Belgian Waffle until I stumble upon one of the WAFEL AND DINGES food-trucks, and let me tell you that it has become one of my favorite [...]

  • updated 08/12/2013

    Last chance to enjoy Restaurant Week

    Sorry for the late notice but this is the last week of RESTAURANT WEEK, so I strongly recommend you to make your reservations ASAP and enjoy a three meal course [...]

  • updated 08/06/2013

    Peruvian Chica’s favorite rooftops: Part I

    I love nice views, especially of New York's skyline, I mean who doesn't? Now that is summer I take advantage of the nice weather and the fact that most of [...]

  • updated 07/26/2013

    Pio Pio: Don’t go only for rotisserie chicken!

    If there's something I love and admire about Peruvian food is its variety. For this reason I love when Peruvian restaurants offer different dishes, and I love it even more [...]

  • updated 07/19/2013

    Pisco Sours can help you fight the heat wave!

    What's better than Pisco Sours? Pisco Sour for 5 bucks! Yes, you read it right, 5 dollars! Every Wednesday, one of my favorite Peruvian restaurants in NYC (La Mar Cebicheria [...]

  • updated 04/24/2013

    Food Wednesday: A Venezuelan delicacy

    I’m not only a fan of Peruvian food. I just happen to love food in general. It could be American, Latin, Italian, Japanese, etc. Today let’s talk about a Venezuelan [...]

  • updated 10/10/2023

    Afternoon with Dior

    Today, I went to Lord & Taylor for the very first time. I signed up for a free makeup session with Dior and it went awesome. Dior is known for [...]

  • updated 04/19/2013

    Food Wednesday: Brunch at Beauty & Essex

    As a foodie in New York I feel entitle to share with you my fellow foodies and readers the best food spots in this beautiful city. I have taken this [...]

  • updated 01/24/2013

    If you are a foodie, this is your week!

    If you are in New York and you love to eat, especially at well-known restaurants without sacrificing half of your paycheck, then you must do Restaurant Week! I discovered RW through [...]

  • updated 01/04/2013

    Eat Peruvian Food is good your soul

    The caption says it all! Have a great weekend!

  • Rockefeller Center Holidays Light Show Hello everyone, I know the Holiday Season is gone but the spirit is still alive in New York City. I went to see the Rockefeller Tree with my mother [...]

  • updated 11/16/2012

    Un MOROCHO en Nueva York!

    If there’s something common about Peruvians it’s that we LOVE to eat and our appreciation for food runs very deep within us. It may probably be because of the diversity [...]

  • updated 11/10/2012

    “Stand clear of the closing doors”

    After 2 long weeks, today I was finally able to use NYC’s public transportation! I was out of town last week and the week before, hurricane Sandy made the MTA [...]