• updated 08/01/2020

    A community for Peruanas in the NYC/NJ/Westchester area

    When I first created this blog my main focus was to narrate my experiences in NYC as a Peruana immigrant. Along this journey, I found myself interacting with others like [...]

  • updated 03/20/2017

    How to support Peru from NYC?

    It’s been a while since the last time I posted something on the blog. I’m currently working on re-launching it (new look, fresher content, etc). I was planning to introduce [...]

  • updated 04/23/2013

    Join “Peruvian Chica in NYC” team to fight LUPUS!

    I was never familiar with LUPUS; to be honest I didn't even know about this disease until a couple of years ago when my mother was diagnosed with it. I [...]

  • updated 01/17/2013

    It’s Cervical Cancer Awareness month, and this is my story….

    They say 'better safe than sorry" or like my mother tells me "Mujer prevenida vale por dos". That phrase got stuck to my head since the first time I heard [...]

  • updated 12/20/2012

    Give back day: Volunteering opportunity at the Rockaways

    My parents always taught me, since I was a little kid, to give back to the community, to help those who are in need and to do so especially in [...]

  • updated 12/18/2012

    Food Bank For New York City | Volunteer Opportunity Details

    I will be posting a new post tonight but in the mean time I wanted to share this with you. My mother and I will be volunteering tomorrow in the [...]