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I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. I’m the youngest daughter of an entrepreneurial household, my parents left their jobs when they were in their 20s and founded their hospitality and tourism businesses. I lived my life filled with love and wonderful family memories alongside my mom, dad and siblings, and of course, surrounded by my abuelos, tios, primos and amigos, eating delicious comida de la casa, listening to huayno and musica criolla on sundays, and learning all about our ancient history and heritage.

In 2008, after having spent 3 months studying English in NYC, I decided I was going to make this city my new home. I went back to Peru and started the college application process. A couple of months later, I was accepted at FIT, and in December 31st, 2008 I migrated to this concrete jungle. I studied non stop, and a transfer student I was able to receive my bachelors in Marketing & Advertising Communications in less than 3 years.

I lived in the dorms of school in Manhattan upon arrival. After my 1st semester I got my own apartment in Forest Hills, Queens. Commuting to the city made me realize that the city is always in constant change and that there are amazing things a regular traveler (or even locals) do not see or know about when visiting (or even living) in the big apple.

After graduation, I was hired as an account executive at the Hispanic ad agency I was interning for. Months after, I switched industries and decided to take the lead of my family’s tourism & hospitality businesses, and I became the Director of Marketing & Business development, and a travel expert on several Latin-American destinations. Through this role, I grew passion for traveling, gained respect and admiration for entrepreneurs, especially women lead initiatives, and most importantly developed a sense of pride and appreciation of my roots and my dear country, Peru.

I also grew a desire to help others, who like me, came to this city to make their dreams come true. I started doing volunteer work and advising people on how to do their college application or transfer their college credits from their countries, so they can pursuit a career here. I realized that there was so much lack of orientation and guidance,

Speak about the blog

On December 2012, I started this blog full of desire to share with all of you what’s NYC like through my eyes. The eyes of a Peruana immigrant who shares the unique and diverse things that this vibrant city offers, as well as, my life experiences that may serve as guidance or motivation for those who may feel that my stories resonate with them.

In this space I also want to show support to my fellow Peruanxs, Latinxs, and immigrants, by giving them an outlet to showcase their initiatives, stories, and meaningful actions that are impacting our community positively




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I’m a firm believer that giving back is a one of my higher purposes. I love working and being involved in meaningful initiatives that will actually create impact in our community. If you are interested in working me, please feel free to reach out.

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