• updated 09/17/2020

    A Peruana creating a legacy of immigrants’ stories

    Nathalie Flores was born in Lima, Peru. Nathalie and her family migrated to the United States in the mid-1990s, when she was still a child. They made this decision to [...]

  • updated 09/03/2020

    Chabuca Granda’s 100th birthday anniversary Virtual Tributes

    a) Tribute Concert – Celebration of the 100th birthday of Chabuca Granda: event organized by the Berklee Global Initiatives and Berklee Latino of the Berklee School of Music. With the [...]

  • updated 07/18/2020

    Nicole, a Peruvian admitted to three Ivy Leagues universities


    Holidays are upon us (literally), today many of us celebrate Noche Buena (Christmas Eve), and tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays, Christmas. We are only one week away for [...]

  • updated 05/05/2016

    #NYC #HotSauce Expo 2016

    On April 23rd, I made my way to the fourth NYC Hot Sauce Expo, where hundreds of people got together to try an array of hot sauces from various places. [...]

  • updated 04/20/2015

    7Piscos: NYC event celebrating Peru’s most beloved spirit!

    Attention to all New Yorkers who love Peruvian food and Pisco drinks! The Trade Commission of Peru in New York is hosting an amazing event called 7 Piscos this Thursday [...]

  • updated 02/20/2015

    Peruvian designer, Sergio Davila, presented his Fall2015 collection at NYFW

    As another edition of New York Fashion week comes to an end, we looked back to each new collection of our favorite designers and learn what will be trending next [...]

  • updated 10/24/2014

    BusteloNY, the pop up shop is here!

    Talk about amazing marketing initiatives, the folks from Cafe Bustelo have opened up a temporary pop up shop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I first saw this great [...]

  • updated 10/24/2014

    Pumpking picking and Maze labyrinth in NYC!

    Once I got back in New York I could sense fall in the air and with that the Halloween spirit all around me, which immediately reminded me that it was [...]

  • updated 03/18/2014

    Peruvian soirée in NYC

    It's always good to keep yourself closer to your roots, that's why everytime there's a Peruvian event hosted by a Peruvian company, government entity, entrepreneur, individual or musician, I do [...]

  • updated 01/31/2014

    Happy Chinese NewYear

    When I moved to New York I got the opportunity to learn more about the Chinese culture and customs through my wonderful Chinese friends. For this reason, I would like [...]

  • Dinner at Rolf’s

    Christmas spirit is in full effect in New York and what's best than enjoying it with wonderful friends! My girls and I went for our Christmas dinner to the popular [...]

  • updated 11/01/2013

    Annual Halloween dog parade!

    Last Saturday we took Tiki, a.k.a Queen Tiki, my 2 year old yorkie to the Annual Halloween Dog Parade in Tompkins Square Park. The event started at approximately at 11:30 [...]

  • updated 05/22/2013

    Entrevista: con Ale Hop en los Red Bull Music Academy

    Hace unas semanas fui invitada a la Academia Musical de Red Bull, conocida como Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA). Este grandioso evento que se lleva a cabo todos los años [...]

  • updated 05/10/2013

    Red Bull Music Academy takes New York City!

    On Monday, I was invited to visit the 2013 Red Bull Music Academy. This amazing series of music events is a remarkable initiative from the popular energy drink company, Red [...]

  • updated 03/13/2013

    Shop the Night Away in Soho (literally)!

    Hello my fellow NY fashionistas! I want to inform you about a big event happening tomorrow, March 14 from 5-9pm, in SOHO area. Shop the Night Away is an initiative from multiple [...]

  • updated 03/12/2013

    Hispanicize: not your typical professional conference

    With PR and Marketing professionals: Daisy, Diana and Tatiana Almost a year ago I traveled to Miami to participate of my first Social media/Marketing series of events known [...]

  • updated 12/07/2012

    Throwback Thursday: Peru Sabe

    Last week, four Peruvians chefs passed away in a car accident. These young talented people lost their life after a long day doing what they loved the most: participating in [...]

  • updated 11/21/2012

    Brunch, Sultanate Anniversary of Oman and Fondue!

    As you may already noticed, I LOVE TO EAT. Going to new places and trying new restaurant menus make my heart and tummy happy (my waist, not so much). This [...]