• updated 08/04/2017

    The New Peruvian Chica in NYC!

    Hello everyone I have been working on re-building and re-designing the blog for months and I’m so happy that the job is finally done and the new blog is live. [...]

  • updated 04/12/2016

    Peruvian presidential elections in NYC

    Yesterday, Sunday Abril 11th, I made my way to Queens College to be a responsible citizen of Peru and voted for the next president of our country. Currently the political [...]

  • updated 12/31/2015

    Goodbye 2015!

    Today marks 7 years since I moved from Lima, Peru to this great city. I remember how scared and nervous I was for this big decision, however eager to go [...]

  • updated 02/10/2015

    First post of 2015, a recap of 2014!

    Being this my first post of 2015, I decided to do a personal post on what 2014 meant to me. 2014 was definitely a year of reflection in so many [...]

  • updated 12/30/2014

    NYE Rituals for goodluck!

    Hi everyone, Can you believe tomorrow is the last day of the year? It has definitely gone by fast, so fast that I can believe my yearly tradition of visiting [...]

  • updated 12/26/2014

    Merry Christmas!

    Just writing to wish everyone a joyous Christmas! I hope you are spending it with your loved ones. Many blessings Xo -Peruvian Chica in NYC

  • updated 04/28/2014

    The beauty of NYC

    Sometimes I get nostalgic and I miss my family, I miss my country, I miss the place I used to call home for 21 years of my life. Then I [...]

  • updated 04/22/2014

    MMA in NYC

    I have always been a scary cat. Since I was a kid I have tried to avoid any type of situations where I could get hurt. I have to confess [...]

  • updated 03/19/2014

    Change is good!

    All my life I had black hair, well a hairstilist told me it was not black, it was actually dark brown, very dark brown. I also had the same hair [...]

  • updated 03/02/2014

    A day to remember in NYC!

    I haven't been able to write since Valentine´s Day, between the amount of work I had and my personal life, it was a bit difficult to do so. However, I [...]

  • updated 02/14/2014

    Why YOU should celebrate ValentinesDay!

    When I moved to NYC my main goal was not only to obtain my Marketing & Communications bachelor's degree. There´s also another reason why I moved to the big apple, [...]

  • updated 02/07/2014

    Winter in NYC!

    I don't usually complain about the weather. I'm the type of person who adjust to hot summer days or cold winter nights, whether staying at home blasting the AC or [...]

  • updated 01/21/2014

    Peruvian chica is back in NYC

    After 3 amazing weeks in my homeland, I'm back in the concrete jungle. I had an amazing time with my family and friends, as always. It's definitely hard to leave [...]

  • updated 01/13/2014

    Sunday is family day

    One of the things I miss the most when I'm in NYC is spending time with my family on Sundays. This day has been a day strictly dedicated to the [...]

  • updated 12/30/2013

    Happy 2014 from Lima, Peru

    Hello from sunny Lima, On Thursday I arrived to my beloved hometown and I'm more than happy! After a welcome dinner with my family, I headed to the beach 90 [...]

  • updated 12/24/2013

    Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2014!

    I love Holiday festivities! Today is such a wonderful day to spend with your loved ones, family and friends. Although my direct family is in Peru, I still have my aunts, [...]

  • updated 10/09/2013

    My special day!

    Hello all, I just want to share with you my happiness. Today I celebrated my 26th birthday filled with love and surprises. I feel blessed for being able to turn [...]

  • updated 10/02/2013

    Why I love October?

    October is finally here, yes! my favorite month of the year. You may be wondering why it's my favorite month and there are multiple reasons why. This month brings officially [...]

  • updated 06/28/2013

    Hiatus is over, I’m back in NY!

    It's been so long since the last time wrote. I haven't forgotten about my blog, neither about you, it's just that I've been out of the country for almost a [...]

  • updated 04/05/2013

    40 days & 40 nights without alcohol

    I went to Catholic school for 11 years of my life, from first grade to last year of high school. In Peru, you don't switch schools like you do here [...]

  • updated 03/28/2013

    Places I love: Dessert time

    My last post was very health conscious but I also mentioned that sometimes I treat myself with a delicious dessert. I call my indulgence days "cheat days" because I'm cheating my diet [...]

  • updated 03/19/2013

    Peruvian Chica back in Peru part 3: Mujeres doing it big!

    When I was still living in my homeland I saw the marked difference between men and women. However, particularly now, in my inner circle, of family and friends, I've seen [...]

  • updated 02/23/2013

    Peruvian chica back in Peru part 1: Family

    While I was unable to travel to my country for two years I lived each of my family's special occasions through Facebook. Looking at their photos of our usual Sunday [...]

  • updated 12/31/2012

    2012 recap and Good Luck Rituals for New Year’s Eve!

    Happy New Year’s Eve to all of you!! 2012 is almost over and I’m very excited to say bye to it and welcome the new one. There’s so many things [...]

  • updated 12/31/2012

    2012 in review!

    Thank you to all of you for reading, supporting and motivating me to keep doing this ! Happy New Year!! xo Peruvian Chica in NYC 🙂 The stats helper monkeys [...]

  • updated 12/13/2012

    Seize the day by showing love

    I read yesterday that the remains of the Latina singer, Jenni Rivera, were found and at that moment I thought about her family. I honestly didn't’ follow her singer career [...]

  • updated 12/01/2012

    I’m Peruvian and proud!

    Being Americanized is one of the most cool things you could be while living in a South American country, well I’m not going to generalized, but it’s one of the [...]

  • updated 11/22/2012

    Have you count your blessings today? I did!

    I just want to drop a little message here, since it’s my blog is the perfect platform to share some emotional words with my readers on this special day. Thanksgiving [...]

  • updated 10/02/2012

    A Dog Love Story

    I’ve always been a dog lover, ever since I was a kid. My first dog was Balan, a black cocker Spaniel that passed away a couple of years ago. My [...]

  • updated 09/28/2012

    First night in NYC was fire-tastic!

    The day I arrived at New York it was New Year’s Eve, after eight hours on the airplane my mother and I arrived to JFK . I previously asked my mother to [...]

  • updated 09/18/2012

    How it all started…

    This December 31st will be my fourth anniversary living in New York City. It is almost four years ago that I decided to get out of my comfort zone and [...]