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NYC Living

  • updated 12/11/2014

    My version of Chaufa

    My mom went back to Lima a week ago, and of course I have major withdrawals of her homemade food, besides the fact of missing her tremendously. So what best [...]

  • updated 04/28/2014

    The beauty of NYC

    Sometimes I get nostalgic and I miss my family, I miss my country, I miss the place I used to call home for 21 years of my life. Then I [...]

  • updated 04/22/2014

    MMA in NYC

    I have always been a scary cat. Since I was a kid I have tried to avoid any type of situations where I could get hurt. I have to confess [...]

  • updated 04/09/2014

    Subway ride!

    Definitely being on a subway ride in NYC can be such an experience. You can encounter singular characters that only reside in the concrete jungle. You can also witness a great [...]

  • updated 01/22/2014

    Snowday in NYC

    Ok, let me tell you, it's ridiculously cold in the big apple! I'm terribly missing the summer in Lima. However, I'm lucky enough to work from home and only have [...]

  • updated 12/08/2013

    My first #5k

    Last Sunday I ran my very first 5k race! It was really cold morning in NYC, 30 degrees to be exact but felt like 25 degrees. As you may seen [...]

  • updated 08/27/2013

    An afternoon in Queens overlooking Manhattan!

    I've been living in Queens for the past 4 years and a half and I've never been to this part of the borough. Last Saturday, I went on an adventure [...]

  • updated 08/22/2013

    Beach day!

    Today the weather was perfect to go to the beach. We all know summer is almost over and soon we will start wrapping ourselves in layers and layers of clothes. [...]

  • updated 10/10/2023

    Mother Nature vs. NYC

    Mother Nature is a little bit bipolar these couple of days. It’s bright and sunny in NYC today. Yesterday, not so much. Here’s a picture of last night when everything was covered [...]