#Winter in #NYC!

I don’t usually complain about the weather. I’m the type of person who adjust to hot summer days or cold winter nights, whether staying at home blasting the AC or avoiding to go outside because I’m afraid of getting windburnt. I usually make fun of those people who whine when “it’s too hot outside” during the summer or when “they can’t wait for the winter to be over”. But this year’s winter in NYC has me upset and whiny.

I remember my first winter in the big apple, it was January 2008 and I had to take the 7 train at the 90st station every morning at 7am. I laugh at the memory of it.  Being my first winter I would bundle up and you could barely see my face. I would wear leggins under my jeans,  2 pairs of socks, layer over layer undernearh my humongous jacket, huge glves, scarf and a Alpaca chullo. Nor I can’t forget the skin rush because of the heat at home. It was insane! But I was ready for my second winter and I didn’t feel the need of wearing so much stuff. And eventually I got use to it and having many layers on me was not necessary anymore.

However,  this year’s winter has me in awe. I don’t know if it’s because I just got back from the lovely summer in Peru, or is because indeed this winter mother nature decided to go harsh on us and show us her cold hearted power. In the 5 years I’ve been living in NYC I do not recall so many consecutive single digits degrees days and nights.  I have asthma and sometimes I’m afraid to go outside because the freezing air might affect me.

You may be thinking,  well it’s winter what you expect?. Yes, you are right. It’s winter and I have to deal with it that’s why I try to stay home. But I freak out a little bit when I hear new anchors saying this type of forecast is not something they see on a regular winter in NYC. I mean, it does not stop snowing!!!

Another thing about this weather is the crapy conditions of the roads and even sidewalks. Yesterday I was walking in Soho to take Tiki to the vet and I literally had to trek 10 blocks, jumping over slush ponds, and praying to the Ice Gods to not let me fall. Every corner was a challenge, I had to wait for someome to croos to see what path I should take or think on a strategy of what will be more convenient for Tiki and I. Even though the new major announces how hard they are working to maintain everything in order, I don’t want to sound mean but, either the plan they have is not been correctly executed or the strategy they created is not functioning. I mean, if I am a pedestrian and I’m having a hard time when I use public transportation and even when I walk around the city, imagine the conditions drivers are facing?

With that said, yes I’m not loving this winter but I still love this city and even when I feel I’m in a snow jungle and I’m trying to survive, I feel grateful for living NYC because is NYC, duh! Hey, even a horrible winter like this is better than a horrible winter somewhere else! 😉

Frozen xoxo’s





-Peruvian chica in NYC

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