Have you count your blessings today? I did!

I just want to drop a little message here, since it’s my blog is the perfect platform to share some emotional words with my readers on this special day.

Thanksgiving was not part of my holiday festivities back in Peru, all I knew about it was that most people will gather with their families to eat turkey (and if you are Latino eat pernil) and then get ready for Black Friday.

Once I got  to New York and started celebrating this commemorative day, I understood the meaning of it. This holiday is so special and different from the other ones. Although, Christmas is very close to my heart, and it also involved food and family gathering, lots of people forget the meaning of this celebration and focus on the material part: what gifts I will give away and what gifts I might be lucky to receive. Let’s not forget New Year’s, solely a huge celebration with friends and family, some spend it at home, others at clubs, but overall it’s a just a big party that commemorates a new year, a new beginning for many.

However, Thanksgiving is a day where you don’t expect anything from anyone; you only wish to be surrounded by those who you love the most enjoying and sharing with each other  a delicious feast; furthermore it’s a day to reflect and just feel blessed and thankful for all the things you have.

I went early to church with my mom to thank God for everything, and I would like to share some of my thoughts: Today I feel thankful for being alive and healthy; for having such an amazing and supportive family and having my mother right next to me now; for my second family, my friends, who are not many but they are the best; for the opportunity to be loved by a man who I love; for having Tiki, my beautiful dog who is like a baby to me; for my job; for accomplishing the goals I had set for myself this year; for the people and places I met; for all the bad things that happened to me because each of them taught me something; for all the good things that happened to me because they have shaped me into who I am now; but overall for always feel that there’s a divine power from above that is always by my side!

I know this can get more emotional, so I will finish by saying: don’t forget to count your blessings today. What do you feel thankful for? Just seat back, think and say thank you for it all. Let’s not forget to send positive vibes and pray for those who are less fortunate and are dealing with adversity.

Have an amazing evening and enjoy it to the fullest!


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