‘Tis the season!

New York during the holidays is not just a New York, it becomes a beautiful decorated city, where you can actually feel the holidays in the air and in every corner you go to. Therefor, if you live here or you are visiting, there are plenty of places you have to stop by, whether to take pictures, ridiculous amount of selfies, or just admire the beauty of the city that never sleeps rejoicing during this season.

Will be posting several places you should check out but will start with one of my favorites and actually the one I have visited for the very first time last week in all these years I’ve lived in New York City.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights!

You may or may not be familiar with it but this is one of the best light shows during this season in the entire city. The place is not a specific venue, it actually covers several blocks and avenues of Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, where several houses showcase Christmas displays. You will see tons of tons of houses with multiple lights decor, nativities, inflatable Santas, snowmen, reindeers and much more. It’s simply beautiful and stunning and you must visit to experience it. Must come when it’s dark (obviously), now during winter anytime after 4:30pm is good.

The Dyker Heights’ houses light displays go from 11th avenue to 13th avenue from 83rd street to 86th street. I personally started at 83rd street and 11th avenue and made my way around the following blocks. You can drive but parking can be a little hard to find but with good luck you will find something like I did. If you rather take the train, you can take the D train to 71st street downtown/Brooklyn direction and it will leave you the closest to the area. You may have to walk around 15 min to get to the light-show area. Another option instead of walking, is the B4 bus with direction to Sheepshead Bay Knapp street to the stop Bay Ridge Parkway and 12th avenue.

Hope you pay it a visit and enjoy the display! Here are some of the pictures I took on Sunday!

Cheers to the Holidays Season!

Peruvian Chica in NYC

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