The New Peruvian Chica in NYC!

Hello everyone

I have been working on re-building and re-designing the blog for months and I’m so happy that the job is finally done and the new blog is live.

It has been MONTHS since the last time I posted, besides the last post I made as an exception to raise funds for Peru when was hit by El Nino phenomenon.

Having a blog takes a lot of responsibility, creativity and time. That is why last year I decided to take a long break because I did not have all of that to put into this baby and I knew if I had to do something I had to do it RIGHT.

So I took a long hiatus. You may wonder why? Well besides the loads of work I have (now you can actually know what I do for living on my ABOUT ME), I was planning MY WEDDING. Yes, you guys, I got married! After dating my now hubby for 6 years and being engaged for almost 1 year we tied the knot on November 18th, 2016.

Not sure if you have noticed on my blog posts but I’m a very passionate person, as well as very attentive to details, schedules, and so on. I’m kind of a control freak and since it was MY WEDDING (Bridezilla voice) I had to put all myself into it so it comes out as I wanted it to be.

I honestly felt I had a second job. I work from home so I had to slap myself twice in the face some days because I was getting distracted doing research and calling vendors, instead of actually doing MY JOB. (Oops). But I have an amazing and supportive set of clients who understood my timing and schedule (THANKS BE TO GOD).

Ultimately, the wedding was AS I DREAMT it. Well some unexpected things happened, as it happens in any other special event, but I went with it. To be honest the day before the wedding I had so much anxiety that I cried my heart out reading the vows during the rehearsal. After that I told myself, anything that happens from now on just let it be. Thank God I put myself into that mode, otherwise I would have flipped a couple of times. But all that heartfelt information will be written on another post (LOL).

Wedding photo session

After the wedding, the honeymoon came and then I moved from my beloved neighborhood in Forest Hills, Queens (Shout out to the best borough in NYC!) to East Village, Manhattan. 2016 ended full of new beginnings but with a lot of catching up to do. I had to come out with a new work plan, tons of trips for work, re-decorate the apartment, dealing with the duties of being a wife, and try to find a way to add this baby of mine, my blog, into my crazy, yet amazing, new vida!

Shout out to my beloved, Forest Hills!

Honeymoon in paradise <3

Strolling my new neighborhood, East Village!

2017 hit and I thought: yay, finally got time to work on my blog. I reached out to my web developers in Peru (YAY PERU and MY TEAM!) and started working on the new look and what content I was going to bring to you. Right after that, I went on two international trips, so I had to work on skype calls with my team to make this happen. Once I was back in NYC, a new opportunity came up and my husband and I moved into a new place in Midtown, Manhattan. Right after I had to go on my first solo trip to China. And again I had so much in my plate but this time I had to be quicker and efficient, in order to get back on track with my plans.


Costa Rica #PuraVida!

Great Wall, Beijing CHINA

Two months after moving in into the new place, tons of hard work on my job, a photo session in the summer heat of NYC (Shout out to my awesome cousin and photographer Carlos) and back and forth emails to finalize the blog, PERUVIAN CHICA IN NYC IS BACK!

Thank you for continuing following me and to all my blogger friends who have gave me input and advise, and of course my family and close friends who are always there supporting my projects. I have so much stuff planned: videos, interviews, features on places and things going on in the city, and much more. I also opened the opportunity of offering my services in some of my areas of expertise, check it out!

So this blog comes back on a high note, 2017 is not over yet, we have 1 month of summer to go and I promise to commit into sharing with you fun and entertaining content!

Thank you again for reading and, FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK!


-Peruvian Chica in NYC

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