#Subway ride!

Definitely being on a subway ride in NYC can be such an experience. You can encounter singular characters that only reside in the concrete jungle. You can also witness a great dance performance for free, or may want to clap and dance while solo or group singers interrupt your trip. On the other hand, we also have to deal with random crazy people who threat us or insult us for no reason, and in worst cases, actually try to hurt us. But if there’s something I can’t deal with is rodents, and I believe most people of this great city can’t either. I mean, we see them everywhere, and it’s actually acceptable and ok to see them, from far away, running around on the tracks or platforms, but IT’S NOT OK when we have them in the same train car with us!

Yes, it has happened, been trapped on a train ride with a huge rat running around trying to get out, and multiple people screaming in panic! It hasn’t happened in a while though, but rats are back in our train rides and this happened yesterday, thoughts?:


Ps: To learn how to survive in NYC’s subway system read my previous post! 


Peruvian Chica in NYC

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