#Pumpking picking and #Maze labyrinth in #NYC!

Once I got back in New York I could sense fall in the air and with that the Halloween spirit all around me, which immediately reminded me that it was time to do my annual visit today the Queens County Farm.

Every year my cousin, her beautiful children and I go on a family outing to Glen Oaks. We visit the pumpkin patch to pick our favorite pumpkin and take tons of pictures, perfect for Halloween family cards and to treasure for a lifetime. If you have children is the perfect time to bring them in their Halloween costumes and snap shots away with the cool pumpkin patch in the background. If you decide to bring home your favorite pumpkins, price range between 3 to 10 dollars. The entrance to the pumpkin patch is free and it runs until this Sunday 26th.

Another fun activity is to take on the Amazing Maize Maze challenge. The entrance is only 9 bucks for adults, 5 for children 4-11 and kids under 3 go in for free. Since it’s the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner, the guys from Queens Farm and with the help of ConEd created a pretty cool 3 acre corn labyrinth featuring the American Flag. Not only that, while you figure your way out you will find clues along the way, solve puzzles, and finally reach the finish point, where you get the maze’s map and kids receive a coloring book. It only took us 50 minutes but it was ridiculously fun and I look forward to do it again next year.

There are plenty things to do on your visit, you could see cute animals in the farm, buy fresh veggies at the market, eat delicious corn on the cob or grilled cheese sandwiches or take a ride along the maze.

I encourage you to visit this place, whether it’s with your family, friends or significant other, you will enjoy every second of it!




NOTE: There is a $5 admission fee to enter the farm grounds this Sun, 10/26, for the Children’s Fall Festival.

-Peruvian Chica in NYC

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