Peruvian soirée in #NYC

It’s always good to keep yourself closer to your roots, that’s why everytime there’s a Peruvian event hosted by a Peruvian company, government entity, entrepreneur, individual or musician, I do my best to make it. It’s also a great opportunity to meet like-minded Peruvians that live in this city, as well as, catch up with good friends that also go to these events.

Last week, Peruvian entrepreneur, Jorge Meneses, who does business as a importer of Peruvian products, hosted a Peruvian soirée at the Metropolitan Building located in LIC. Jorge owns this beautiful venue, an amazing four story building with a vintage feel & vibe that overlooks Manhattan’s skyline.

The event gathered people from different industries, who either were Peruvian, do business with Peru, or simply love our culture and country. We had the chance to enjoy delicious food from Peruvian restaurant located in Brooklyn, Surfish Bistro; cocktails based with Pisco Porton; Peruvian chocolates, and to top it off, the music of Gabriel Alegria and his Afro Peruvian Jazz band. It was a great night!

Do you get involved in events that embrace your heritage? Let me hear it!

[wpvideo 41HouRez]

-Peruvian Chica in NYC

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