#Peruvian designer, Sergio Davila, presented his #Fall2015 collection at #NYFW

As another edition of New York Fashion week comes to an end, we looked back to each new collection of our favorite designers and learn what will be trending next seeason. Even though we have to wait months for another NYFW, this time I looked so forward to its last day. Why? Because the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show lined-up on its last day someone that made all Peruvians proud, Sergio Davila, who was presenting his Fall 2015 collection.

Sergio Davila is a Peruvian designer whom I had the pleasure to meet in person last year. A very humble guy, with amazing style and great vision. His clothes are mainly made with Peruvian Pima cotton and alpaca fabrics, and his latest collection is inspired by the hues of Andeans, grey, beige, white.

It’s incredibly encouraging for people who are trying to make their dreams into reality, especially in New York city, to see a young designer like Sergio make it big. As I read in another publication, Sergio struggled at the beginning of his career, even though his breakthough in NYC was great success, he had to find better ways to expand his business and make it a more profitable one. At some point, he decided to ask Ralph Lauren for job with his portfolio in hand, and life could be funny sometimes because now he is presenting his collection the same day as the unfamous designer.

New York is a tough place, not for nothing is called the concrete jungle, and the fashion industry is a tougher place, and for a designer to have made it to Lincoln Center, conveys a lot of hard work, passion and dedication. Sergio, you are making all of us Peruvians, proud!

With that said, here some shots of today’s show:

sd6 sd5 sd4 sd3 sd2 sd 1


Ps: Thank you to my good friend, Silvana, who sent me these great shots of the show!

Peruvian Chica in NYC

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