Peruvian Chica’s favorite rooftops: Part I

I love nice views, especially of New York’s skyline, I mean who doesn’t? Now that is summer I take advantage of the nice weather and the fact that most of my friends want to hang out even on weekdays.

A couple of weeks ago, as part of our monthly reunion, my girls and I decided to go fancy and pay a visit to one of the most chic rooftops of the city. The Standard Hotel is well known for being a hotel different from the others: modern, cool and trendy. And of course it will have one of the best rooftops in New York, called LeBain (which happen to be a club too).

We heard that it’s not easy to get in to the 18th floor of this hotel, unless you have connections, look nice or have tons of money. Luckily for us, we got to the rooftop having no struggle (let’s give props to our looks LOL). Unfortunately we couldn’t go to LeBain because Misoni was having a private event, so we went to TOP O THE STANDARD, which happens to be in the same floor as the popular Le Bain.

The ambiance was elegant and chic, pretty ladies serving the drinks and a cool Latin band playing some Cuban music. The view was amazing and the drinks were delicious (pricey, as expected). We didn’t eat, however I took a look at what others were ordering and it looked good (small portions though).

The most fascinating thing (besides what’s mentioned above) was the bathroom, yes, the bathroom! Huge windows with no curtains (just tiny ones at the same level of the toilet), beautiful decor and with great views of the MPD.

When we were leaving we realized people were having a hard time to go in, apparently after a certain time (around 7ish) the places get more exclusive so if you are not in the list, probably you won’t be able to get in (unless you know somebody, have a lot of money or look like a model).

Overall we had a fabulous time, services, drinks and the view were fantastic! I recommend this spot and hopefully I will be able to go back and take a look at LeBain and tell you guys how was it.

Now you know one of my favorite rooftop spots in Manhattan, stay tuned for more, I have other great recommendations!




Peruvian Chica in NYC

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