#PeruPicante Restaurant Week starts today!

Starting today until December 19th, you will be able to taste three course prix-fixe menus based on Peruvian cuisine’s most important ingredient: aji amarillo, a.k.a yellow pepper.
Eight restaurants across New York City are participating and each of them have been inspired to create a menu where yellow pepper is the star.

You will be able to enjoy lomo saltado, ceviche, aji de gallina among other dishes, and even Pisco cocktails with a spicy kick, all for an approximate price of 35 dollars. This awesome initiative have been put together by the Trade Commission of Peru in New York and have recruited the following participant restaurants for you to visit:

-Chimu (482 Union Avenue, Brooklyn)
-Coco Roco (392 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn)
-Jora (4746 11th Street, Long Island City)
-Panca (92 Seventh Avenue South, Manhattan)
-Pio Pio (604 Tenth Avenue, Manhattan)
-Pio Pio Salon (702 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan)
-Raymi (43 West 24th Street, Manhattan)
-Surfish Bistro (351 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn)
-Warique (852 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan)

At your arrival at any of the above mentioned participant restaurants, ask your server for the Aji Amarillo #PeruPicante menu to delight your palate with delicious Peruvian food. Also, you could win a gift certificate from one of these restaurants just by taking a picture and posting it on any of your social media accounts, don’t forget to use #PeruPicanteNYC along with the name of your favorite restaurant.

For more information and menu details visit: www.naturallyperu.info.


Enjoy, and don’t forget to let me know which dish was your favorite!

-Peruvian Chica in NYC

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