Seize the day by showing love

I read yesterday that the remains of the Latina singer, Jenni Rivera, were found and at that moment I thought about her family. I honestly didn’t’ follow her singer career as much as other Latinos, I actually learned about her when I moved to this country. However, at that exact moment I felt so sad […]

I’m Peruvian and proud!

Being Americanized is one of the most cool things you could be while living in a South American country, well I’m not going to generalized, but it’s one of the coolest things to be while you live in my country. I have to admit now being so far away from Peru, I feel such a […]

Un MOROCHO en Nueva York!

If there’s something common about Peruvians it’s that we LOVE to eat and our appreciation for food runs very deep within us. It may probably be because of the diversity of our cuisine; our cuisine has been influenced by so many countries, such as, Spain, China, Japan, Italy and countries from Africa just to mention […]

A Dog Love Story

I’ve always been a dog lover, ever since I was a kid. My first dog was Balan, a black cocker Spaniel that passed away a couple of years ago. My second dog was Tommy, my beautiful beige Labrador that was a big part of my childhood because he became my “best friend” during my parent’s […]

How it all started…

This December 31st will be my fourth anniversary living in New York City. It is almost four years ago that I decided to get out of my comfort zone and change my life with a 180 degrees rotation, away from my “perfect bubble-world” where I had everything I wanted and needed. It wasn’t easy to […]

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