#Outdoor Fun at #DumboBoulders

The weather is finally BEAUTIFUL in NYC and that calls for outdoor fun activities. I have never rock climb before but I thought why not try it out.

The guys from DUMBO BOULDERS, who are the master minds behind THE CLIFFS LIC, have put together this open space for beginners, intermediate and pros who are curious/ interested/ passionate about rock climbing. The place opened on April 16th and is located right under the Manhattan Bridge at the Brooklyn Bridge park, known for its cool and relaxing scenery overlooking the water and nice view of the skyline.

As a first timer I had to sign a waiver and pay the a 9 dollar day pass, which includes climbing shoes and a brief orientation on how to use the facilities. Luckily it was my and my friends’ first time doing it so we enjoyed it together and didn’t feel intimidate by the pros. There were different walls, some for beginners and others for advanced climbers. We tried to follow the path of the green and purple rocks since the guy during the briefing mentioned were the easiest ones.We rented chalk for 2 dollars because our hands were hurting, we guess because we were new to it, to the point one of my friends got blisters so if you can bring gym gloves or raps.

Unnlike at THE CLIFFS there´s no ropes, so you have to really use your upper body, arms and shoulders strenght, or you will fall. The altitude of the walls are not that high, hence the name of the place BOULDER. Bouldering is a style of climbing done on shorter walls—it requires no ropes and no partner, as stated in their website. I was afraid to fall even though they mentioned the floor was a certain amount of feet deep so I really hold my grip when trying to climb.


Definitely a cool experience that I will recommend to anyone who is adventurous, like outdoor activities and a good work out. You can visit them anytime from 10am to 10pm, just make sure it’s not raining. Closest trains are York st and HIgh st.

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend you all!!!

-Peruvian Chica in NYC


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