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Hi everyone,

Can you believe tomorrow is the last day of the year? It has definitely gone by fast, so fast that I can believe my yearly tradition of visiting the Rockefeller Tree has already happened.

Last week, my boyfriend and I visited this crowded place. No, I don’t like crowded places, however I can put up with this crazy amount of people once a year, why? Because it’s worth it. I love the Holidays and as soon as you get off the 49th street Rockefeller station you feel the Holidays spirit in the air. You see all these beautiful decorations around high rise buildings; you can even hear Christmas carols, and then when you walk a couple of blocks, you are mesmerized by the huge and beautiful tree, angels and lights surrounded it. Let’s not forget the Saks Fifth Avenue Light show, and the stores’ window displays along Fifth Avenue. This year I also visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which is just a couple of blocks up north. They had a nativity and even though they are in construction, it always feels good to pay this place a visit. Don’t forget if you haven’t gone to this area, you can still do it until January 7th.

On another note, before the year ends I wanted to share with you my favorite New Year’s Rituals so you can have a positive, prosperous and just all around awesome 2015:

  1. Clean your house; change your bed sheets, curtains, towels etc. Throw old, broken or stuff you don’t use. Make room for new things to come on this New Year and receive it with a clean environment, ready for positive things to come. Don’t forget to sweep your house from in to out.
  2. Wear colorful clothing: red for love, yellow or gold for fortune, white for good luck and peace, silver for positivity.
  3. When the clock hits 12, eat 12 grapes (one wish per grape) and chug a glass of champagne. 12 grapes mean good luck for each month of the year. Drinking a glass of champagne brings success and accomplishments.
  4. At 12, grab a handful of raw lentils, give it your loved ones and put it in their pockets. This brings fortune and good luck.
  5. If you want to travel: grab a backpack or a suitcase and run around the block. This one brings me good memories of my childhood, running around the block with my mom! LOL. Do this is you are seeking to travel this year.
  6. At 12, have a bag with candy and coins and give it to your loved ones. This is for good karma and a sign of detachment of material things.
  7. Set up your dinner table with candy, bread, fresh fruit, also light candles and incense. This brings abundance and fortune.
  8. Burn a doll made out of old clothes, newspapers, etc. We used to do this every year when I was a kid, and we will also write negative things that happened to us and we want the old year to take with it.
  9. If you are in the beach, at 12, run to the water and jump 7 waves, these is positive vibes for each day of the week, as well as getting read of all negativity because ocean water cleans you up to start the new year fresh and reborn.
  10. My mom always advised me and my siblings to reflect on what we did on the current year and to write our New Year resolutions and set up goals in all aspects of our lives. I always do it and I look back to it every month to not forget what I promised to myself.

Most importantly, be with your loved ones when the clock hits 12, there’s nothing better than kicking off 2015 surrounded by those who you love and love you.

I wish you nothing but the best on this New Year, tons of positive vibes, good luck, good fortune, good health, peace and love. Now it´s time for me to buy champagne, grapes, and get everything ready for tomorrow. Happy 2015, much love to all of you





-Peruvian Chica in NYC

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