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It’s been way too long since my last post, but you my friends know that I work in the tourism industry and I travel a lot. I just came back to New York after a 5 week trip to Peru and Brazil, although I had a productive time while I was doing work at both countries, and got to spend my birthday in Lima with my family and friends, it’s always good to come back home to my favorite season of the year, fall!
So what was the first thing I did after I came back? Check what’s new in the city and among many discoveries that I will share with you on my following posts I think I should share this one first.

Remember when I wrote a post about Patacón Pisao a while back? Well after a long overdue wait, they opened their new Patacon spot in the Lower East Side in Manhattan. I urge you to visit them and try a patacon, my favorite is the one with grilled chicken, but they have with shredded chicken, beef, pork, ham and cheese. They also have arepas, cachapas and burritos. Oh!don’t forget to order a side of tequeños and add some pink and green sauce on the side (yummmm) and try the parcha juice (passion fruit), it’s pretty good as well.

The new place is right on Essex and even though is small, it’s very cozy and has a cool ambience. Loved the decoration and how they put the place together. Also, the service was top notch like in all the other Patacon spots.
My inner gordita is in full effect today that’s why I had to share this exciting news. As always I encourage you to try new things and explore this wonderful city and what best than enjoying delicious food from our friends from Venezuela! Buen provecho!


Peruvian Chica in NYC

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