#MMA in #NYC

I have always been a scary cat. Since I was a kid I have tried to avoid any type of situations where I could get hurt. I have to confess that for that reason I never learned to ride a bike, just because I was terrified of falling.

When I moved to NYC and became an avid gym goer, I started to get into kickboxing classes. I actually love them and was glad that I was learning how to kick and punch, well sort of, without getting kicked or punched back (haha). 
Everything changed when my boyfriend and I decided to go for a muay thai trial class. We enrolled into a 1 hour and a half class, where we actually learned the basics of how to kick and punch, plus some standing self defense techniques. And let me tell you, I loved it even more. Yes, indeed this required to get physical and actually get used to the pain, but I found this to be the perfect way to stop being so scared to “get hurt”.

After this class, we did a trial for brazilian jiu jitsu. That one I didn’t love as much because it was so damn challenging. You see, when you start the trial class you are taking a class with people with all types of belts. We had to start the warm up with some difficult drills and then get to do techniques that required to get chocked, thrown around, pushed and shoved. Not only that, I got my ass kicked by 15 year old girls -lol-. My inner scary cat was terrified but again I said to myself, deal with it.

However, after almost two months of training, the way I feel about it has totally changed. I enrolled into mma classes (muay thai and jujitsu) at Nexus MMA in Long Island City in Queens. I go three times a week and take one class after the other and I love it. I not only get to have an amazing workout that actually is a great stress reliever. I have also learned about the art of fighting and the mindset that one should have about it. I learned techniques that could help me if I ever face a dangerous situation. I have actually found the courage to push myself even when it hurts and don’t give up, even if I fail at something. I have realized that only with commitment and patience, you can achieve great things and become better. The mindset that is used in these classes can be applied into your daily life and that’s what makes it so richful. Furthermore, I have met great people, who actually encourage you to keep trying and don’t give up.

So if you are interested in finding a great place where could you workout, release stress, meet great people, learn how to defend yourself and push yourself to be better, join me at Nexus and try one of these classes!




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