Join the #PiscoSour celebration

The Trade Comission of Peru in New York has created another great initiative, the Pisco Sour Happy Hour Week in New York.

As you may or not know, this past Febuary 7th was Peru’s National Pisco Sour Day, on the very same day this great celebration began in multiple bars and restaurants accross the city.

You can now drink a delicious and tasty Pisco sour at various locations for a fair price of $5-10, along with live music and other great surprises. Peru’s flagship cocktail will be made with any of the following Pisco brands:Barsol, Encanto, Diablada and Macchu Pisco, Pisco 100, Porton and Caravedo, Santiago Queirolo, Soldeica, Tacama and Pisco Vargas.

Visit any of the following participant bars and restaurants to join the celebration:

Chiflez, Chimu, Coco Roco, Inti, Jora, Kion, Manka, Panca, Pio Pio, Raymi, Warique, Old Homestead, Pampano, Pera, Sushi Samba, Amaru Pisco Bar, The Bar Room NYC, Middle Branch, Barca Bar and Seamstress.

Promotion ends tomorrow Friday, so get on the #PiscoSourHappyHour and share your Pisco moments using that #.

For more information visit:

pisco sour week


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