It’s starting to look a lot like #Christmas in #NYC

My mom was here for a month (hence the absence) and I’m happy to say we spent a lot of quality time together. We went to London for work but we had time to talk about life and enjoy each other’s company. When we came back to New York, we had an event to host and we were so busy with work but we still went out to some of my favorite spots in the big apple.

Last night was her last night in New York and we decided to do some shopping and take some pictures in the most emblematic place during this time in New York: Rockefeller Center. Although the Christmas tree will be officially lit today, Wednesday 4th, the tree is there and surrounded by beautiful decor, music and lights.

We walked down from 53rd and 5th avenue to 49th and 6th avenue and it’s so heartwarming to feel the spirit of Christmas everywhere. From beautiful store displays to music shows , it’s just great! I encourage all of you to go out, even though is cold out there, and just enjoy this beautiful season, preferably with someone you love. I had the blessing to have my mother with me and take some beautiful pictures, hope you do the same!

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