How to support Peru from NYC?

It’s been a while since the last time I posted something on the blog. I’m currently working on re-launching it (new look, fresher content, etc). I was planning to introduce the big news with a brand new post, however, with what it’s going on in my homeland, Peru, encourage me to put the surprise of the relaunch aside and write the first blog post of this year.


Some of you may already know the catastrophic situation currently happening in Peru. Several cities have been called in state of emergency this past week due to El Nino Phenomenon. This phenomenon is an abnormal warming of the Pacific waters which has hit once again the coast of Peru causing heavy rains, over flooding and landslides.


As of Friday the number of deaths climbed to 67, 115,000 lost homes, 117 collapsed bridges, countless destroyed crops, thousands animals killed, paralyzed countless roadways, many with no electricity and water. The north of Peru is the most affected area, although nearby towns in Lima are been hardly affected too. Several districts in the north have broken records of rainfall, according to Prime Minister Fernando Zavala.

Seeing our brothers and sisters suffering due to inclemency of Mother Nature is heartbreaking. Being away from home and won’t be able to support or do something for them can be very frustrating. For this reason, I decided to list the following legit donation sites, and initiatives/activities going on in NYC to fundraise money for those perishing.


  1. Llama Inn, Brooklyn Monday March 20th: Tonight Llama Inn will be donating all its dinner proceeds to Piura En Accion, helping our brothers and sisters located particularity in the affected area of Piura. Llama Inn is one of my favorite Peruvian restaurants in NYC, so dine with a cause! Restaurant is located at: 50 Withers St, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Highly recommend to make reservations.

llama inn

  1. Mission Ceviche, Manhattan, Tuesday March 22nd: Our Friends from Mission Ceviche are doing a Cevichada Wednesday night and will be donating all its proceeds to UNIDOS POR EL PERU. This nonprofit was recently born as a joint effort of several entrepreneurs in NY, NJ and CT area, who will be fundraising money for the people of the remote town El Indio in Piura, Peru. Mission Ceviche is located at the Gansevoort Market: 353 W 14th St, New York, NY 10014, and their ceviche is to die for. No reservations needed, but suggest to arrive early as it is first come first serve basis.

mission ceviche

  1. Una Sola Fuerza NYC, Manhattan, Sunday March 26th: A group of kind hearted Peruvians joint efforts with Peruvian restaurant, Raymi, to host this great event that gathers good food, drinks and most importantly performing artists. Tickets are been sold on EventBrite for $50 and the proceeds will go to HELP PERU, a nonprofit organization based in NYC that support several NGOs in Peru, one of them Yaqua which will be bringing clean water that is so much needed in the affected areas. Click here to visit the event’s Facebook page. Raymi is located at 43 W 24th St, New York, NY 10010.

una sola fuerza nyc


  1. Red Cross of Peru: as it’s already known LA CRUZ ROJA is bringing efforts to help those in desperate need in the affected areas, they are receiving donations directly on this link
  2. MERAKI Medical Project: Lead by doctor Laura Luque this Peruvian NGO has expertise in disaster relief and are constantly sending volunteers to provide humanitarian relief and support with donations, health workers and public health impact analysts. Please support their cause here.
  3. Caritas del Peru and RPP: the nonprofit CARITAS DEL PERU and RPP have joint forces to receive donations for those affected by this ongoing natural tragedy. If you have an account in BCP back in Peru you can donate to the nationwide campaign “Perú da la Mano”. Banco de Crédito del Perú: Cuenta Corriente Dólares: 193-2238776-1-07  Código interbancario: 00219300223877610719  Código SWIFT: BCPLPEPL
  4. GRUPO CARIDAD: For those animal lovers, I’m on of them, help this big organization that is bringing medical help and rescuing animals that have been affected by the landslides. It’s hard to donate to direct accounts so you will only be able to donate if you are willing to make a wire transfer to the following accounts: Asociación educativa para la protección de los animales y del medio ambiente Caridad: BBVA Continental Bank Account Number in SOLES: 0011-0106-0100024167. Interbank Bank Account Number in SOLES: 059-3001060411 and Scotiabank Bank Account in Soles: 000-9695532. 1807166_630x354

Senamhi has stated on its website and alert that shows that this will continue to go on, so as you can see THERE’S TONS OF HELP NEEDED. Shout out to the countries of Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela who has already sent help! Please, whether you are Peruvian or not, donate and support those who need US.


For more information about relief for the affected due to EL NINO PHENOMENON you can visit #UnaSolaFuerza, Peruvian government’s website. Also, encourage you to follow any of the Ministerios facebook pages who are very active posting updates and government announcements. Also to keep up with the news follow national newspapers like El Comercio, RPP, La Republica, among others.

Hope this helps and we stand together! TE AMO PERU!

una sola fuerza peru

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