Goodbye 2015!

Today marks 7 years since I moved from Lima, Peru to this great city. I remember how scared and nervous I was for this big decision, however eager to go after my dreams and hopes. I came to finish school and ended up staying here permanently. It wasn’t easy, I encountered so many obstacles, there were rough times and uncertain moments where I questioned myself and the decision of moving here on the first place. More than once I cried and wanted to pack my bags and leave. But what always stopped me is this gut feeling I had that told me I was meant to be here, I was meant to stay, it was meant for me to call New York my home. Today I look back and smile to all the things that happened these 7 years, and feel grateful for the good, the bad, the lessons, the blessings. After 7 years I can say that my gut feeling never failed me, I have developed my own projects, embarking into new ventures, met amazing and inspiring people, got closer to family and friends, learned to appreciate my family and country, and met the love of my life. 

Today I reflect on this year and although it has been a tough one because we lost two important pillars of my family, my dearest grandfather and my mother’s oldest brother, these events united us as family, stronger and more caring for each other than ever. I realized how important is to be healthy and have your health on check. Furthermost I learn the important of actually live your life for you, for what you want , for what you like, for those who you love and care for and enjoy every single minute of it because we never know when we will be gone. In 2015, I had the opportunity to travel muktiple times and see old friends and of course, my wonderful family.

This year also brought me good lessons on my business ventures, I learned to reinvent myself and our products. I learned how wise and capable I was, when I used to underestimate myself on the things I know of my field. I grew courage and launched a new project which will start on January 2016. I realized how hungry I am and how many goals I have yet to achieve, and I’m determine I will. 

I had two big blessings this year, I met the Pope, I won the lottery ticket and got to see him at Central Park. I can’t even express with words how of a magical and surreal moment it was, I waited for 3 good hours to see him and even when I saw him for 10 seconds it changed my life big time. 

Finally, this year as having the blessing of having my parents in town for more than a month, the man of my life ask me to be his wife. On November 28th we got engaged and it has been wonderful to been able to enjoy this moment with my parents, our families and friends. This man has also achieved a big dream of his, he recently graduated from the NYPD academy and we are definitely closing up 2015 on a high note, eager to welcome all the greater and better things to come our way on our lives’s new chapters. 

Today I can firmly say to whoever is reading me, I made the best decision when I decided to move to New York City. These 7 years have been meant to be spent here and I’m pretty sure there’re many more to come, I’m on a new beginning of a new life! 

I want to wish you everyone a Happy, healthy and prosperous new year! May 2016 be the greatest year! ????❤????????


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