From food truck to a corner cafe!

I’ve never eaten a Belgian Waffle until I stumble upon one of the WAFEL AND DINGES food-trucks, and let me tell you that it has become one of my favorite sweet indulgences!

Imagine this, my favorite option out of their assorted menu: fresh, soft and tender wafels covered with Nutella and topped with strawberry and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, all you can say is: #Deliciousness. Of course, there is more than one wafel option (my favorite is Liege) and more than one spread option: you have chocolate, spekuloos (which is the house spread), dulce de leche, etc. For toppings, you can go for your favorite fruit choice, and/or ice cream, all this together can be such a fantastic experience!

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I follow Wafels and Dinges around via Facebook and Twitter. They use these social media platforms to inform their fans and followers where their food-trucks will be. They tend to vary locations since they have multiple trucks and carts, you can find them in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

I’m not going to lie, I keep track of their location and the time they will arrive/leave a place near me. When they are not around and I’m craving a delicious liege wafel with nutella and strawberries, I get really sad (and lazy just by thought of going all the way to Wall Street to get one).

However, those sad days are gone! They recently opened a cafe in 2nd street and avenue B and I bet tons of Wafel and Dinges lovers are as happy as I am. The place is  lovely, very cozy and welcoming. As soon as you get in you feel in Wafel and Dinges territory, and it feels great! They have enough space for you to lounge around and enjoy your favorite wafel while overlooking the street or be served by their very attentive and cool crew.

Forgot to mention, for those who are into savory things, they also have an option for you: wafels with BBQ pulled pork (one of the most popular ones), wafels with bacon, and maple syrup and chili corn cone. So they pretty much have everything for any type of taste! 

So for those who love W&D, I recommend you to pay them a visit, and for those who haven’t tried them , I highly recommend for you to give it a try, you won;’t regret it.

To learn more about them visit their website, like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. They have daily specials, weekly challenges for free wafels/topings/spreds and fun events!



-Peruvian Chica in NYC


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