First post of 2015, a recap of 2014!

Being this my first post of 2015, I decided to do a personal post on what 2014 meant to me.

2014 was definitely a year of reflection in so many aspects of my life. In the beginning of the year, my family was hit hard when my grandfather had an accident and his life, and ours, changed so much ever since.

Exactly a year ago we were all happy in Lima, rented a beach house and we all looked forward to what the New Year was bringing. Last year in January, was the last time I saw my grandfather, happy, full of live, and full of love, that was his usual being. On the last night we spent together, he told me something I always expected to hear from my grandparents, he said “I know your grandmother is tough, but that’s how she is, she gives tough love to people, but if there’s something you should know is that I’m proud of you, we are proud of you. We love you like a daughter and we miss you, but we know you are doing your thing in New York and all your dreams will come true”.

I still remember this as it was yesterday, I cried when I heard him saying that. I cried harder when he repeated it once again on Mother’s Day right after his accident, when he was not fully there or even making sense, but when my mom put the phone on his ear and told him, “it’s Vanessa”, he said it all, once again. This made me realize how important is to be in good health, and most of us, myself included, do not appreciate our wellbeing, mentally and physically.

Not only that, my grandfather’s accident made me see that unexpected things happen, and most of the time you won’t be prepared for what’s coming. When you leave your house, do you think that it could be the last time you see the people you live with? I’m not trying to be tragic but if I could go back in time, I would spend the double amount of time I spent with my grandfather while I was in Peru. Nothing is for granted, and the most important thing we must remember is to always love and show our love and appreciation to those who are close to our heart, every single day of our lives.

As I write this, I continue to reflect on the other things that happened to me in 2014. I reflect on the challenging things that happened in my work life. Sometimes we settle because we feel comfortable, and when that happens you need to open your eyes and realize that there’s so much more behind that comfort zone. I’m happy with my work, because I love what I do, it’s been a true blessing working for my family business for the past four years, and I believe we have grown so much ever since. Not because of me, but because of the collective effort that every single person in the team has put into our business. Now I have opened my eyes to look into new ventures, still doing what I do with my family, but to also take the risk of doing something on my own, a new business that will come from my own effort, just like my mother and father did when they started their business. I’m not going to lie, it’s frightening but like people say, great things won’t happen in your comfort zone.

Last year, I also had the chance to travel a lot thanks to my job, I had the opportunity to visit beautiful new and not so new places, which it’s something I’m very grateful for. I got to invite my mother to Paris, a long dream of her, and it was absolutely beautiful. To see her eyes full of happiness, after so much pain, was a real gift. I also got to travel to other places, Brazil, where I got to spend time with my cousin and wife whom I love like brother and sister. Barcelona, where I got to get closer to a long time friend. And Peru, where it always feels good to go back and what best than doing it for my sister’s wedding. This time I went back not alone, I brought my boyfriend with me and we went on a beautiful trip to Cusco.

I did some new things too, I enrolled into Portuguese classes, I always wanted to learn and I decided to finally do it, and I love it. When I went to Sao Paulo I was so proud that I was able to speak a little bit and understood almost everything people were saying. My mother always told me is a good thing to learn new things, and now I’m on my second term in Portuguese.
I also started taking martial arts classes. I never thought I would ever be a martial artist, especially because I always been a scary cat but after all the things that happened, I needed something besides the gym, something that nurtures my body but also my soul and mind, and I’m so happy I made the decision of taking muay thai and Brazilian jujitsu classes. I am now a white belt one stripe in jujitsu (yay!).

In 2014, I got to learn more about my relationship, about myself and my significant other. We both have grown so much during our ups and downs. Love is beautiful but relationships take work and they are all about commitment. Relationships are not easy because there’s two people bringing together every single part of them, their fears, happiness, experiences, and so much more. This could be shocking, annoying and even frustrating at times, but it all works out when both parts are willing to be understanding, patient and accept each other as who they are, with their virtues and flaws. When there’s love and the willing to make things work out, everything is possible. But one thing you need to know, and I learned, is that the most important love you should have is to yourself. Nobody will every love you and respect you if you don’t show love and appreciation for who you are. So don’t forget the relationship you have with yoursel, spoil yourself, do things you like, be who you are, and never be afraid of becoming that person you are meant to be. I assure you, whoever loves you for real, will accept, love and appreciate YOU for who you are and encourage you to become who you want to be.

Last year I also did some soul searching. I noticed I care to much sometimes, although is good sometimes, not everyone nor everything is worth your fully concern and attention. I learned that sometimes I have to stand up for myself, to say no when I don’t want to do something, continue being a diplomatic person but not to let no one to take advantage of that. I stood away from people and situations that weren’t good to me or simply didn’t make me happy. I ended friendships that needed to be ended for peace of mind, and others because they weren’t actual friends, but more like acquaintances. Most importantly, I closed a chapter in my life that was still open and I’ve been wanting to close for so long. I said goodbye to that person, who once was a very important someone in my life, and now that our lives have taken separate ways, I can only wish him the best. Sometimes destiny places certain people in your life for a reason, and I understood as we close a chapter in our lives why this person crossed my path. I understood how positively he impacted my life, and how the negative things that happened during the time he was in my life, made me the determined and strong woman who I am today.

As you can see last year was an emotional one, it had amazing and positive things, but at the same time it had very sad and tough moments. But that’s life, we all have our good and bad days, and we can only be grateful for the good ones and take a lessons from the bad ones. For some reason, I think that 2014 has encourage me to become a better person in every single aspect of my life on this New Year. I’m eager to look back at the end of 2015 and said, wow, I accomplished all the things I wanted to, and even though I had doubts, I was stubborn, and I was afraid, I did it. I have become a better girlfriend, a better daughter, a better sister, a better aunt, a BETTER WOMAN. 2015 is the year of growth!

I hope I continue to share with you all these amazing goals and plans I have set for myself in this New Year, thank you for reading me!


I will be back tomorrow, with a fun post for something to do in the city this week!


Peruvian Chica in NYC

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