Eurotrip with my mother!

What are the odds that someone can actually win an all-inclusive Royal Caribbean 7 night Greek Isles cruise? Well, my mother is that lucky! She actually won this trip for her and someone else, and guess who is she taking? Yes, ME! I don’t mean to make my brother and sister jealous, but these are the perks of being the youngest favorite child! 😉

She has always being infatuated with filling out coupons for raffles or contests, for every each of them that came across her path. So this past December while doing Christmas shopping for her clients and friends, she filled out a raffle coupon to win an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean or Europe.

Weeks after she received a called from a very reliable travel company in Peru stating that she won the Diageo contest for a trip to Europe. She didn’t believe it until she receive an official statement, where she had to decide what cruise itinerary she preferred. She had no idea the cruise was departing from Europe, she thought it was a Caribbean cruise. Automatically she forwarded me the email and let me pick which cruise was better. I obviously chose the one that stopped in Croatia (beautiful and paradisiac beaches) and the one that stopped in Greece (Santorini and Athens, do I need to say something else?)

I’m so thrilled about this trip, it will be the first week of June. Best part of it, I will be travelling to Peru (YAY!) and a couple of days after take the plane to Madrid and then stay one night in Venice, Italy ! It’s my very first time in Italy and I’m so excited about it. Even though we will just stay two days there, I’m sure we will make the best of it.

This will definitely be a trip of a lifetime, and I’m so glad that my mother chose me to go with her, after so much hard work we will definitely need a trip like this to just relax and enjoy each other’s company!

So tell me, have you ever been on a cruise? have you ever won a big prize? and most importantly, any trip recommendations for me?




Peruvian Chica in NYC …soon to be #PeruvianChicaOnACruise 😉

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