Change is good!

All my life I had black hair, well a hairstilist told me it was not black, it was actually dark brown, very dark brown. I also had the same hair style in the five years I’ve been here in NYC, I can’t deny it I love having long hair so I didn’t have any plans to change that, however, I’ve been debating for quite some time whether I should dye my hair or not. Well, last Wednesday was one of those days that you wake up and you feel like you need a change, and I decided to get highlights.

You may think it’s not a big deal, but let me tell you, whenever you do something for the first time, it can get you a bit nervous. Thank God, I was with my cousin, and she was going to change her look too so she gave me courage. We went to a salon in Jackson Heights, own by the most charming Colombian stylist. After discussing what color each of us wanted, we knew that there was no room for hesitation, it was now or never.

After hours of waiting, because yes, it takes forever, to dye your hair, and four glasses of wine (complimentary of the house) we finally saw the final results. Mine was definitely not a drastic color change, but my hair seemed to be brighter and luminous, which I loved! I also cut my hair a tiny bit and got side bangs. I can’t deny I’m very happy with how it looks, maybe next time I will go for something a bit lighter.

After 26 years of the same color, it was definitely time for a change, and today I feel renewed! Afterall, changes are always good, right? What do you think?

New look


-Peruvian Chica in NYC

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