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How good does this sound: fresh Peruvian ceviche at the beach? For us Peruvians is a very common thing,  every summer weekend we will drive south and enjoy a beach day with nothing but the good company of a delicious ceviche. This amazing summer habit was not possible in NYC until La Cevicheria opened up and made all of us – Peruvians and non Peruvians – rejoice of happiness. Yes, we finally will be able to eat ceviche overlooking the ocean!

I visited La Cebicheria last Friday, this Peruvian owned eatery is located in Rockaway beach’s concession at Beach 97 St. It was a hot day so all I thought on my way there was which of dishes from their menu I was going to choose: ceviche clasico, ceviche mixto, quinoa with shrimp ceviche, pan con pollo, causa? Let’s not forget about Inca Kola, Chicha Morada or Passion fruit? I knew once I get there I was going to feel like I was in beach heaven, and I did.

Ximena, Leyla, and the rest of the cool staff welcomed us with their friendly smile and asked us what we were getting. To be honest, I didn’t know what I wanted so I told my friends that we should all get something different. I got the quinoa with shrimp ceviche, my friends got the ceviche clasico and pan con pollo. We debated between chicha morada or Inca Kola, so we got both, and let me tell you, the food and drinks were ON POINT!

Ceviche clasico freshly made, lime juice was delicious and we loved the sides of sweet potatoes, canchita and Peruvian corn. The quinoa was perfectly made, topped with avocado and shrimp ceviche: AH-MAZING. Pan con pollo took us all the way to Lima and made us reminisce about the good old Peruvian pan con pollo. It was a huge, tons of chicken salad with avocado, mayo and potato chips, let me say: YUMMM. Our traditional Inca Kola was cold enough to cool us down, and the chicha morada made us say AHHHHH, so refreshing!

We were truly happy, finally a beach day that made us feel like we were back at our favorite beach in the south of Lima. We headed to sunbathe in the beach and then came back to La Cevicheria for Latin Lover’s 8th magazine edition released. We had the chance to eat more food and enjoy a couple of Cuzqueña beers.

It was a pretty perfect day for these Peruvian chicas, who finally found the perfect spot for hot summer days in NYC. Pay them a visit and tell me which dish was your favorite.

Pan con Pollo

Ceviche Clasico


Quinoa with shrimp ceviche




Cover of the latest edition of LATIN LOVER MAGAZINE


-Peruvian Chica


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