“Traveling is another of my passions and as a travel expert working for a Latin American DMC based in Peru, I have learned so much about the passion for travel, I have visited various destinations and hotels around the world and I invite you to discover all of them through this space. Stay tuned for sample itineraries, travel advice, recommendations, tours and hotel features, and much more!”

#PeruvianChica in #Barcelona

Hello everyone, During my hiatus I was traveling a lot, mainly for work, but as you already know I still managed to enjoy my trips to the fullest. Before my work trip to London, I visited for 4 days a high school friend who lives in Barcelona and I’m so glad I made the decision […]

Peruvian chica in #Europe!

Hi all, I haven’t forgotten about you, it’s just that once again I’m traveling the world! Every November I come to London for work, however this time I got the chance to visit a good friend of mine in Barcelona and after my business trip I’m heading to Paris with my mother for a 4 […]

#Sunday is #family day

One of the things I miss the most when I’m in NYC is spending time with my family on Sundays. This day has been a day strictly dedicated to the family, my mom never let me plan anything on Sundays because all of us had to be together, gathered in a table with good food, […]

#Beach day in #Lima

Today I spent the day in Punta Hermosa, a beach approximately 38 kilometers from Lima city.  I had a wonderful time, sunbathing, eating ceviche and relaxing away with my friends! I love the summer and especially here in my hometown πŸ™‚

Eurotrip with my mother!

What are the odds that someone can actually win an all-inclusive Royal Caribbean 7 night Greek Isles cruise? Well, my mother is that lucky! She actually won this trip for her and someone else, and guess who is she taking? Yes, ME! I don’t mean to make my brother and sister jealous, but these are […]

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