The New Peruvian Chica in NYC!

Hello everyone I have been working on re-building and re-designing the blog for months and I’m so happy that the job is finally done and the new blog is live. It has been MONTHS since the last time I posted, besides the last post I made as an exception to raise funds for Peru when […]

Peruvian presidential elections in #NYC

Yesterday, Sunday Abril 11th, I made my way to Queens College to be a responsible citizen of Peru and voted for the next president of our country. Currently the political climate in Peru is very agitated and it has been like that ever since the elections campaigns started. Not only politicians have been going back […]

Goodbye 2015!

Today marks 7 years since I moved from Lima, Peru to this great city. I remember how scared and nervous I was for this big decision, however eager to go after my dreams and hopes. I came to finish school and ended up staying here permanently. It wasn’t easy, I encountered so many obstacles, there […]

Peruvian chica in #Europe!

Hi all, I haven’t forgotten about you, it’s just that once again I’m traveling the world! Every November I come to London for work, however this time I got the chance to visit a good friend of mine in Barcelona and after my business trip I’m heading to Paris with my mother for a 4 […]

A day to remember in #NYC!

I haven’t been able to write since Valentine´s Day, between the amount of work I had and my personal life, it was a bit difficult to do so. However, I do feel in the need to write today. Sometimes unexpected things happen in your life, the way you visualize it turns out to be totally […]

#Winter in #NYC!

I don’t usually complain about the weather. I’m the type of person who adjust to hot summer days or cold winter nights, whether staying at home blasting the AC or avoiding to go outside because I’m afraid of getting windburnt. I usually make fun of those people who whine when “it’s too hot outside” during […]

#Sunday is #family day

One of the things I miss the most when I’m in NYC is spending time with my family on Sundays. This day has been a day strictly dedicated to the family, my mom never let me plan anything on Sundays because all of us had to be together, gathered in a table with good food, […]

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