“I truly believe I was a foodie before the word even existed! To me eating and trying new food spots – whether they are restaurants or trucks – and immerse in cuisine experiences is simply a joy! Stay on the look for new food alerts and recommendations on where to eat. Perhaps I will venture to share some recipes too!”

Food Wednesday: A Venezuelan delicacy

I’m not only a fan of Peruvian food. I just happen to love food in general. It could be American, Latin, Italian, Japanese, etc. Today let’s talk about a Venezuelan delicacy I discovered not too long ago. Last summer, I ventured myself to visit my beloved Washington Heights, well known for the predominance of Dominicans. […]

Un MOROCHO en Nueva York!

If there’s something common about Peruvians it’s that we LOVE to eat and our appreciation for food runs very deep within us. It may probably be because of the diversity of our cuisine; our cuisine has been influenced by so many countries, such as, Spain, China, Japan, Italy and countries from Africa just to mention […]

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