“If there’s something this city has is the wonderful people that live in here, and the various enchanting places that are worth talking about. Find videos, interviews or entrevistas in Spanish, features on awesome people and cool spots”.

Happy #Chinese #NewYear

When I moved to New York I got the opportunity to learn more about the Chinese culture and customs through my wonderful Chinese friends. For this reason, I would like to wish them all and all of you who are celebrating, an amazing New Year! I know this is the year of the horse, which […]

My first #5k

Last Sunday I ran my very first 5k race! It was really cold morning in NYC, 30 degrees to be exact but felt like 25 degrees. As you may seen in previous posts, I’ve been running for the past 2 years, never in a race, only as a hobby. But this past Sunday I decided […]

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