My version of #Chaufa

My mom went back to Lima a week ago, and of course I have major withdrawals of her homemade food, besides the fact of missing her tremendously. So what best that feeling a bit closer to home than cooking Peruvian food! Mom brought quinoa from the homeland and other cooking ingredients that help making tastier […]

The beauty of #NYC

Sometimes I get nostalgic and I miss my family, I miss my country, I miss the place I used to call home for 21 years of my life. Then I come across these type of breathtaking views,  and I say, after all is not so bad to call this magic city home. New York City […]

#MMA in #NYC

I have always been a scary cat. Since I was a kid I have tried to avoid any type of situations where I could get hurt. I have to confess that for that reason I never learned to ride a bike, just because I was terrified of falling. When I moved to NYC and became […]

#Subway ride!

Definitely being on a subway ride in NYC can be such an experience. You can encounter singular characters that only reside in the concrete jungle. You can also witness a great dance performance for free, or may want to clap and dance while solo or group singers interrupt your trip. On the other hand, we also […]

Change is good!

All my life I had black hair, well a hairstilist told me it was not black, it was actually dark brown, very dark brown. I also had the same hair style in the five years I’ve been here in NYC, I can’t deny it I love having long hair so I didn’t have any plans […]

Peruvian soirée in #NYC

It’s always good to keep yourself closer to your roots, that’s why everytime there’s a Peruvian event hosted by a Peruvian company, government entity, entrepreneur, individual or musician, I do my best to make it. It’s also a great opportunity to meet like-minded Peruvians that live in this city, as well as, catch up with […]

#Winter in #NYC!

I don’t usually complain about the weather. I’m the type of person who adjust to hot summer days or cold winter nights, whether staying at home blasting the AC or avoiding to go outside because I’m afraid of getting windburnt. I usually make fun of those people who whine when “it’s too hot outside” during […]

#Snowday in #NYC

Ok, let me tell you, it’s ridiculously cold in the big apple! I’m terribly missing the summer in Lima. However, I’m lucky enough to work from home and only have to go outside to go to the gym and to walk Tiki. As you may already know, Tiki is my 2 year old yorkie, who […]

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