#BusteloNY, the pop up shop is here!

Talk about amazing marketing initiatives, the folks from Cafe Bustelo have opened up a temporary pop up shop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

I first saw this great news on Facebook and I promise myself I had to pay them a visit before they close. They are very well known in the hispanic market and I believe this to be a great breakthrough into the general market and increase awareness of the brand, especially into NYC territory, where drinking coffee is a religiously routine for most of the people who live here.

I like coffee but to be truly honest I was not an avid coffee drinker until I went to Brazil and had fresh coffee every morning.  So when I got back I had to choose the best alternative in the market, which for me has always been Bustelo, and what best than a cortadito to kick off my day!

The shop is located in 168 Bowery st, right on the corner of Bowery st. and Kenmare st. Cafesito lovers will not only get a free coffee of their choice, greeted by welcoming staff, get to see the variety of products that Bustelo offer, as well as comfy lounge area with free wifi (yes, I’m working today from here hehe). Not only that, they have daily events, bands and djs.

They pop up will run until 5pm this Sunday 26th, and it’s open from 8am to 8pm today Friday and tomorrow Saturday. So come and get your cafesito fix, I will definitely be here for the closing event: performance by Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra.

Don’t forget to go on the photo booth and get the chance to get a free shirt or tote!

Now excuse me, I’m going to drink my cortadito!




Ps: Bustelo folks, great job while I’m writing this I’m listening how much everyone love the shop and the coffee, you should consider opening a spot like this 😉

Peruvian Chica in NYC

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