#Beach day!

Today the weather was perfect to go to the beach. We all know summer is almost over and soon we will start wrapping ourselves in layers and layers of clothes. So, before that time comes, one must take advantage and go to the beach.

There’s a couple of beaches I like to go that are relatively close and are good (fairly clean, ok water, and easy access). When I don’t have a car, I take the B train to Brooklyn and get off on the last stop, Brighton Beach. This beach is surrounded by a very European neighborhood, with a nice boardwalk, tons of restaurants and just a short walk from the train station. Beach is clean, beach goers are cool and the ocean on this side is very swimmer friendly.

Another beach I like to go is Jones Beach (field 4). Although most of the times is packed, you can always keep walking and find yourself in a relaxing area far from the madness. Ocean is rough but if you know how a swim you won’t have any problem. Be aware of the seagulls, one of them stole my turkey sandwich today!

Of course, there are nicer beaches in the New York area, such as Long Beach and there’s always the Hamptons, but these two beaches are good for a perfect sun bathing day and relaxing away with friends or solo!


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